Thinking about using SEO for your company?

How to build a landing page 

Before you start looking at hiring a Memphis search engine optimization  agency to build your landing page, you should understand the basics of both SEO and the purpose of the page. Building landing pages requires skill. The search engine optimization techniques used to make a landing page successful are very specific to the page, and you can’t just apply the general SEO rules. Here is an overview of what you need to know, and have prepared, before you talk to your SEO company.

The basics of a landing page

A landing page is a single page that is optimized to drive and receive traffic on the web. These types of pages are action oriented. You don’t use a landing page to put out passive information. When an SEO agency begins to build your SEO for the page they are going to look at driving the traffic to taking an action. Which means that knowing your intent for the page is everything.

Intent is everything

When you think of search engine optimization you probably already know that means using keywords that are related to your business, product or service effectively. You want the keywords that are common descriptors people would use to find you, but you also need to know the intent keyword. Intent shows the action that you want the traffic to take such as buying, doing, fixing or learning. 

Know your SEO and your Ads

Once you have your intent keywords and supporting keywords, it’s time to formulate an SEO strategy that is going to use your ads and landing page together. The ads need to drive the traffic to your page, and the landing page itself has to be able to rank high in the results return of search engines. This all depends on the market research you have done before you contact an agency.

Be prepared for your agency

Being prepared for your first contact with your Memphis SEO agency means knowing your demographics, and knowing your business. You want to be able to sum up both quickly in language that is based upon keyword and demographic research. You don’t have to know everything, but you do need to know enough to accurately describe your wants when it comes to constructing this page. This defines the project for the agency and then they can step in to do the SEO work effectively.

Getting the analysis in place 

Part of building the landing page is also building the process of analysis for the data that page is going to return to you as far as your traffic and conversion rates. This report is something that is essential for you to pay attention to, it is just as important as the report on the performance of your AdWords. Good search engine optimization is a dynamic process that leads you forward with constant information about your changing reach to your target audience. A good landing page is crafted to get information, and give direction to your traffic in the most efficient way possible.